Security Screens for Windows & Doors


Burglars can’t wait for homeowners to leave their houses. Security screens give your possessions and property the protection you need while you are away. The only stainless steel security screen on the market in the nation that has been tested and withstood the most brutal & intense abuse ever seen.

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These screens perform like a normal bug screen in addition to their many other uses.


You can now open up your windows and doors whenever you want to get fresh, cool air without giving up your privacy and security.


The one-touch easy escape latch was designed to allow for easy exit in case of an emergency or fire. With the use of one hand, you can the latch, creating a quicker and easier exit for all people regardless of age or physical ability.

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What exactly is a security screen?

We have been asked this on more than one occasion. Let me first clarify that security screens are not security bars, although they perform the same duty, security bars give a home or business an institutional appearance. Security window screens, on the other hand, do not take away from the curb appeal that most people are seeking as well as feeling safe while at home or away. Let’s discuss the makeup of a 4EverDoor’s security screen.

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The 4EverDoor security window screen & doors have a surface mount with a genuine Meshtec® screen which delivers the ultimate in security without sacrificing view, ventilation, or curb appeal. The patented high-tensile is a woven, stainless steel mesh screen that provides all the light and ventilation of a typical screen door, plus the strength and durability of a security door. An extruded reinforced heavy-duty aluminum frame combined with an easy escape locking system protects against a forced entry. The aluminum frame provides strength and will never rust.

  • Security snap covers stop a forced entry while hiding unsightly screw heads
  • A fully-sealed door helps protect your main entry from the elements
  • Innovative, full-view door provides an uninterrupted view AND the ultimate in security
  • Protective powder coat for a beautiful and durable finish
  • High-tensile, stainless steel mesh provides the ultimate in security while allowing fresh air and light to flow through

All series of our screens come in Bronze or White, special colors are available.


4EverDoor security screens are mounted directly to the window and thus appear that it belongs there. On the other hand, Burglar Bars look just like that i.e…out of place. Security screens also protect the whole window from vandals, burglars, and flying debris, while security bars do not protect the glass or window thus creating maintenance costs to the home.