Door Specs

4Ever Doors come in a variety of finish options & glass styles.

Finish Options

Door Handles

Glass Styles


Foam Injected

The breathtaking iron doors we make are injected with high-quality polyurethane foam for year-round installation. The foam also aids in the prevention of rust from forming. Our doors have been installed in all 50 states so they are built to last in any extreme weather environment.

Door Jamb

Our high-quality iron doors come on pre-hung steel jambs making the installation less challenging. Once the jamb is installed the doors can be hung on the hinges. If your door jamb needs to be a different size, make the request to your salesman and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


In order to make the installation process easier our doors come with pre-drilled mounting brackets. They are welded to the jamb and mount to the inside framing of your home.

Hinged Glass

Another amazing benefit is the hinged glass feature that comes standard on our doors. This offers convenience when it comes to cleaning the glass, and also gives you the option to leave the glass panel open for ventilation and still have security with the doors being locked.

Hinged Glass Door Lock

The convenient operable glass on our doors is held and released with a latch when closed and tightened. The heavy duty latch can hold extremely high pressure winds and the weather stripping prevents air or water from getting through.

Brass Flush Bolt

The stationary door is equipped with two brass flush bolts. They are located on the side of the door, one near the top and one near the bottom, so when the doors are closed they are not visible. The flush bolts lock into the top and the bottom of the frame and add a high level of security to the doors.

Roller Catch

The roller catch system is included with any pull handle package. The roller catch holds the door in the close position so the wind does not blow the door open when the door is closed.


Screens are available on any new order and can’t be ordered with inventory doors. The screens are a heavy-duty mesh and are held in place by powerful earth magnets. Screens can be installed and removed at your convenience.


The threshold stands 1 1/2″ inches high inside, flush to the middle and slopes down to 1/2″ inch on the outside. The threshold is welded to the jamb for integral strength and rigidity for lasting years of wear. Our bold steel door jamb comes with an integrated threshold. This extraordinary feature prevents wear and tear from foot traffic, unlike flimsy wood thresholds.


Our elegant custom made, heavy-duty pin hinges can each hold up the 1000 lbs. Not only do they add beauty to the door, but they also make it extremely easy and comfortable when it comes to opening and closing the door.


Framing Your Door Rough Opening Correctly:
First you must determine the size of your door and Rough opening.


To determine what size door you need, simply open one door and measure the width and the length. We will do the rest.

For new construction – Measure Your door’s width and height then add 1 inch to the width and add 1 inch to the height, this will give you the correct rough openings. The reason for the extra space is to allow room for the door frame and for space to adjust the door.


Rough Opening: Dimensions of the opening in the framework of the home required to install a complete door unit. (allowing clearance on top and each side for stabilization shims)

Threshold: The bottom sill of the door unit which acts as the bottom of the frame unit and achieves the water and air barrier that meets with the door sweep.

Transom: A piece of decorative glass placed atop the doorway.

Sidelite: The side panels beside a door, typically filled with glass for decoration and to allow more light.

Inactive Door: In a double door unit, this is the door that has the T-Astragal and the flush bolts. This door will also act as a secondary entrance. Can be locked or unlocked using the flush bolts to allow the door to swing or not.

Lockset: The complete handle-set with locking system.

Flush Bolt: A bolt that is flush with the face or edge of the door when retracted.

Weather-strip: The flexible strips surrounding the door panel designed to impede airflow and reduce moisture when the door is closed.


Rain glass:A textured decorative glass. It is produced by passing the soft hot sheet glass through 2 rollers; one which is smooth and the other with a texture. The texture is embossed into the glass. Rain glass exhibits a texture
which looks like a multitude of rain drops racing down the face of the glass, providing a high level of obscurity.

Tempered Glass: Glass that has been heated and cooled so that it shatters into small pieces when broken. Also called safety glass. It is much stronger to impact than annealed glass.

Insulated Glass: Two pieces of glass spaced apart by a metal strip and sealed with rubber to create a more weatherproofed joint.


Swing-in: A door which opens inwards towards the house. May be a right-hand or left-hand swing.

Swing-out: A door which opens out from the house. May be a right-hand or left-hand swing.

Left-hand swing: The door opens counter-clockwise, regardless of your point of reference.

Right-hand swing: The door opens clockwise, regardless of your point of reference.

Wrought Iron: A commercial term used to describe the art and craft of welding various types of iron into ornamental, decorative, and functional items